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Students obtained Learner’s Permit via Teens Drivers Ed program, must meet below documents requirements:

  Eligibility/Documents Requirements:
  •     •A valid learner license (had it for a minimum of six months)
  •     •Evidence of Completion of  Drivers Ed (32 hrs class + 14 hrs of behind-the-wheel training):
    •    •Driving School Students -Obtain DE-964 – issued by the driving school.
    •    • Online Driver Education -Obtain DE-964 from online course provider.
    •  • Parent Taught Students -Obtain PTDE-964 from PT course provider.
  •    •Verification of Enrollment (V.O.E) – Obtained from High School, expires 30 days from issuance (required for student age under 18 only).
  •   • Completed Impact Texas Teen Driver Program (ITTD) offered online. Printed certificate required on the day of the Road Test.
  •    •Completed 30 Hours Parent Driving Log. Click Here to print the 30 hours log.
Students Obtained Learner’s Permit via 6 hours Adult Permit Class or took Permit Test at DPS(Age 18 & up), must meet below document requirements:
 Eligibility/Documents Requirements:
  •   •Must have a valid learner license (Learners Permit).
  •   •Completed Impact Texas Young Driver Program (ITYD) offered online. Printout the completion certificate required on the day of the Road Test.
  Cost of Driving Test is $80.00:
  •   •1 attempt included (Same day 2nd attempt $50)
  •   •$30.00 if renting Driving School vehicle for the road test

$25.00 Administrative Fee will be charged if:

Reschedule due to non-compliance of the documentation requirements

Reschedule due to non compliance of the vehicle requirements.

Reschedule due to not arriving in time for the test.

Cancelling the Road Test.


The school retain Administrative Fee: and, refund the remainder of the fee to the student. Vehicle Rental fee is non refundable. Refund processing may take up to 10 business days.


Proof of valid, unexpired automobile liability insurance (must display vehicle info on insurance card). Required for liability coverage in case of an accident. AA SMART DRIVING SCHOOL, LLC not liable for any accident occurs during the road test.

Valid registration sticker

Both front and back license plates (temporary plates are acceptable as long as have valid date)

Working signal lights, horn and brake lights (including center brake light)

Once all the above items are completed, the student can take the DPS Road Test at AA SMART. Upon successful completion of the Road Test, AA SMART will provide you all the required paperwork in a sealed envelop. DPS will process your documents, Photo, Fingerprints and issue a temporary Driver License.


AA SMART DRIVING now offers the "Same Day" road test:


Same day Road Test Fee: Under 18 - $80 & 18+ - $80.00. Same Day 2nd attempt will be $50

To Register - Select the "URGENT ROAD TEST" Teen Under 18 : $80.00 & Adult 18+ : $80 – Same Day 2nd attempt will be $50 from the dropdown menu on the left. Use the calendar to view available dates and times. Payment must be completed in order to confirm your appointment.

Text at Mobile : 469-951-6789 Office : 469-466-8555 - if you like to request any specific date or time.

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