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Same Day Road Test

  • P.S. Learner’s Permit is Required for All Ages!

Same Day Road Test

Get your Driver’s License in one day!

Same Day Road Test. Teens (Under 18) – $75.00 & Adult (18+) – $70 – Same Day 2nd attempt will be $40 // any other day will be $45.

Students who obtained a Learner’s Permit via The Teens Drivers Ed Program must meet below document’s requirements:

  Eligibility/Documents Requirements:

  •     •A valid learner’s license (held for a minimum of six months)
  •     •Evidence of Completion of Driver’s Ed (32 hour class + 14 hours of behind-the-wheel training):
    •    •Driving School Students -Obtain DE-964 – issued by the driving school.
    •    • Online Driver Education -Obtain DE-964 from online course provider.
    •  • Parent Taught Students -Obtain PTDE-964 from PT course provider.
  •    •Verification of Enrollment (V.O.E) – Obtained from High School, expires 30 days from issuance (required for students under 18 only).
  •   • Completed Impact Texas Teen Driver Program (ITTD). Printed certificate required on the day of the Road Test.
  •    •Completed 30 Hours Parent Driving Log. Click Here to print the 30 hours log.

Cost of Driving Test is $80.00:

  •    •1 attempt only (Same day 2nd attempt will be $50 )
  •   • School Car can be Rented for road test only $30.
Students who Obtained a Learner’s Permit via The 6 hour Adult Permit Class or took a Permit Test at The DPS (18+), must meet the below document’s requirements:

 Eligibility/Documents Requirements:

  Cost of Driving Test is $80.00:

  •   •1 attempt only (Same day 2nd attempt will be $50)
  •   •School Car can be Rented for road test only $30.

Same Day / Walk-in Road Test
Teens (Under – 18)

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Same Day / Walk-in Road Test
Adults (18+)

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Road Test After 6:00pm additional $10

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If you are under 18 and have completed a Teen Driver Ed Program, you must watch the Teen’s Impact Video Before The Road Test. (ITTD)

Click the image to view the video:

Impact Texas Teen Drivers

Impact Texas Young Drivers

Coming in 2018 - Please select ITYD

Same Day Road Test

Need a DPS Third Party Road Test in Texas Today?

Same day Or next Road Test Fee: $70. 1 attempt included – Each additional attempt will be $35. You may use your own vehicle or use ours at $25.00 extra charge.
This is a premium service for who need very urgent or immediate road test service . Our normal road Testing fee is $70.

Must allow 24 hours between attempts.

  1. ● Age 16 & up (Has taken Teen Class (DE or PT Form) or 6 hours Adult Permit Class or taken Permit Test at DPS.
  2. ● Must have a valid Texas learner license (Learners Permit).
  3. ● Completed Impact Texas Driver Program (ITTD)if you completed a 32 hour classroom course or (ITYD) for those completing a 6 hour adult class or are over the age of 24. Print the completion certificate and bring on the day of the Road Test.

To Register – Use the calendar to view available dates and times. Payment must be completed in order to confirm your appointment.

There are no Refunds or reschedules. Failure to have the proper documentation or a vehicle capable of passing inspection is a failure.

Call office at 469-466-8555 if you have any question or like to request any specific date or time.

Steps to follow

  • 1. You must have a valid Pictured B restricted Texas driver license (Learners License).
  • 2. Anyone taking a driving skills test MUST present their ITYD or ITTD completion certificate together with any required driver education certificates.
  • 3. Be on Time. Preferably try t be 15 minutes early, late arrivals will not be allowed.
  • 4. If using your own vehicle: Valid Insurance Card (paper or electronic allowed). The car used for the test must have a current registration sticker on the windshield and proper license plates on the car. It is State law that a car registered in the state of Texas MUST have a metal front and back license plate ON the exterior of the car unless there is a valid Texas Buyer’s paper plate for a recently purchased vehicle.
  • 5. Drive Safe provides third-party road testing, but only the Texas Department of Public Safety can issue a drivers license. Once you test is done, You will still need to take a picture at the DPS to actually have a Texas Drivers License.
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