Get your Driving License in one day. Same Day Road Test.

Same day / or Next Day Road Test Fee: $70.00 – Same Day 2nd attempt will be $40.

* Age 16 & up (Has taken Teen Class (DE or PT Form) or 6 hours Adult Permit Class or taken Permit Test at DPS.
* Must have a valid Texas learner license (Learners Permit).
* Completed Impact Texas Driver Program (ITTD)if you completed a 32 hour classroom course or (ITYD) for those completing a 6 hour adult class or are over the age of 24. Print the completion certificate and bring on the day of the Road Test.

1) You must have a valid Pictured B restricted Texas driver license (Learners License).
2)Anyone taking a driving skills test MUST present their ITYD or ITTD completion certificate together with any required driver education certificates.
3) If using your own vehicle: Valid Insurance Card (paper or electronic allowed). The car used for the test must have a current registration sticker on the windshield and proper license plates on the car. It is State law that a car registered in the state of Texas MUST have a metal front and back license plate ON the exterior of the car unless there is a valid Texas Buyer’s paper plate for a recently purchased vehicle.

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